About Candy Cane Lane
Candy Cane Lane was started in 2014 here in Great Falls. It started off as just 3 people and 2 small coolers full of hot chocolate that they had bought and donated. The idea was to get the city together and bring joy to families during the holiday season while turning the event into a free night of fun competition between neighbors. Getting families together to tour our city while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa is a generations-old tradition that almost makes the holiday season. During the event people began offering donations so it was decided that donations should benefit local non-profit organizations. The Great Falls Early Education Association (GFEEA) has been the hosting organization for the last 3 years and has helped to grow this event into a city-wide event while making sure that it remains free for everyone to enjoy! Donations go back to the GFEEA and are used to support local family and group childcares in our community in early education, because the early years of life are the foundation on which we build our future.
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*candycanelanegf.org uses a service called Geocodeapi. When a new user account is created, candycanelanegf.org sends Geocodeapi the full address of the display to be converted to Latitude and Longitude coordinates, which are then stored in the database and called up when needed to be placed on the map. This is required because OpenStreetMap (The map api used to generate the CCL map) places markers according to coordinates. This service is only used once when user creates an account. Data sent to Geocodeapi are subject to Geocodeapi's privacy policy which can be viewed here: https://geocodeapi.com/privacy-policy/


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If a user has placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, in Candy Cane Lane, their User ID (example: "404") is added to the winners list and is not removed when associated account is deleted. When an account is deleted, the info tied to the User ID and their registration info will be removed from our database, and cannot be recovered.